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UPDATE I am NOT currently accepting new patients Thanks Dr B

I'm Dr. B, a virtual psychiatrist for FL, TX, and IN, and I'm ready to help you find the mental wellness you're searching for

Insurance vs. Private Pay

I'm accepting new patients in Florida!

Insurance I accept:

  • Aetna
  • Oscar
  • Oxford
  • United

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Do you want to self-pay?

  • 75 min intake appointment $425
  • 40 min follow up $260
  • 20 min follow up $160

If I don't take your insurance I can send you a medical receipt (superbill) for your insurance for potential reimbursement of your payment. Send me an email!

Feeling overwhelmed? Not feeling like yourself?

Stop struggling and trying to white-knuckle your way through life when we can do this together.

I’m Jessica Beachkofsky, MD (Dr. B), a board-certified psychiatrist with a virtual clinic in FL, TX, and IN. I specialize in treating anxiety, depression, and trauma disorders and helping people successfully navigate life’s big hurdles and challenges.

If you’re new to the idea of medication or if you’ve had a less than ideal experience with meds in the past, I may be the perfect doc for you!

Ready to get back to the YOU you’ve been missing?

Whether it’s those tough grad school classes, a high pressure career (or career change), or the challenges of parenthood, we can work through this to find the solutions that lead you to the best version of you!

What Previous Patients Have Said...

Dr. B listens carefully and takes into account all factors when reaching a diagnosis. She deeply explains and collaborates with me in defining a treatment plan. She's not the kind of psychiatrist who spends five minutes with you and sends you on your way with pills. I would recommend Dr. B to anyone that wants to get to the root of their challenges and make some real progress. She's also got a great sense of humor so I love that.


I can gladly say I got past the most difficult time of my life with the help and support of Dr. B.

She took her time in understanding my concerns and was attentive, finding the best solutions. Her sincerity and warm presence made me feel comfortable and truly cared for. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work together!


Dr B is the most genuine, authentic, and present therapist I have ever worked with. Scheduling with her is easy and convenient and she is an excellent listener! I highly recommend her, especially for working moms, those struggling with high functioning anxiety or managing life transitions and stress.


Dr. Beachkofsky is an amazing psychiatrist. She helped me work through some issues that had been plaguing me for a while. She allowed me to have a voice and do my own research when it came to my treatment. In addition, she genuinely has empathy for me and my concerns about treatment. I would recommend Dr. Beachkofsky to anyone needing psychiatric assistance.


Is Dr. B the Right Fit for You?

Here are some reasons we'd be a great fit!

  • You’re new to the idea of medication
  • You’ve had a less-than-ideal experience with meds in the past
  • You want combined therapy and meds to ensure you get the most out of our time together
  • You love learning about your brain and taking an active part in your mental wellness
  • You want longer, virtual appointments at times like lunch and evenings
  • Your long-term goal is graduating from care when you’re ready

I'm not a good fit if any of these are your situation:

  • You won’t consider meds AT ALL
  • You need prescriptions for controlled medications (ie Xanax, Adderall, etc)
  • You’ve had a recent mental health hospitalization
  • You’re on medications that require regular labs and vital signs
  • You’ve been having suicidal thoughts, or have trouble staying safe because of self-harm

**I strongly recommend IN-PERSON CARE if your situation is listed here

If you think we’d be a great fit working together please reach out and schedule a call with me!

15 minutes is just the right amount of time to see if you’re ready to team up with me on your path to feeling better!

Dr. B's Message to Future Patients

Hi, Dr. B here, a board-certified psychiatrist in Florida. I specialize in treating anxiety, depression, and trauma disorders as well as maximizing your mental wellness. I create treatment plans that are flexible and effective and also provide tons of psychoeducation and insight-building skills. I'm most effective if you're motivated to take an active, engaged stance in your own mental wellness.

Since I love brains and want to help you take care of yours, get ready to do some work! To get the most out of treatment with me you'll have to put in some effort. That may look like medication compliance, keeping a sleep or mood journal, or working on habit tracking and stacking. We’re going to address all of you, the whole you, from your physical health habits and self-care, to emotional well-being and genetic predispositions. Then we'll find ways to optimize your mental wellness.

Not Ready Yet?

Deciding to see a psychiatrist can feel like a really big step. Here are some resources to help you move forward.

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There's an app for that

Maybe you don't need to jump in just yet. Here's an app to give you solid guidance on a variety of mental health topics where you can do a lot of the work on your own

Quick self-care tips

Want a quick read with a short video? Check out this Authority article I was interviewed for. It's filled with steps you can take starting right now.

Want to do some work on your own first?

Copy this Google Doc or download the PDF from Dropbox for information on myths in psychiatry and points to ponder (or write about) to find out if seeing a psychiatrist is your next step...

A Whole Lot More About Dr. Beachkofsky

Jessica Beachkofsky, MD is a board-certified psychiatrist and Florida ​native. She spent over a decade in the military and has experience ​ranging from running an inpatient psychiatric unit as the medical ​director, and teaching within the graduate medical education system, to ​caring for outpatients in virtual clinics. She also provides trainings on ​medications and brain science for therapists and offers CEUs.

Dr. Beachkofsky went to the University of South Florida in Tampa for her ​undergraduate Biomedical Science degree and graduated with her ​medical degree from Uniformed Services University F. Edward Hebert ​School of Medicine in Bethesda, Maryland in 2008. She completed her ​residency in Psychiatry in 2012 from the University of Texas Health ​Science Center at San Antonio. Dr. Beachkofsky was board certified in ​2012 by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and is ​currently in good standing with certification requirements.

Dr. Beachkofsky understands the importance of a balanced approach to ​mental health care which takes into account a person’s unique situation ​in life as well as any other medical issues or complicated history that ​they bring with them. She is particularly passionate about serving ​people going through life transitions whether graduating from college, ​moving across the country, or becoming a parent.

Dr. Beachkofsky’s focus is on Positive Psychiatry but she is also trained in cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, supportive and insight oriented therapy, and psychodynamic psychotherapy. It is her goal to help people to make treatment decisions that align with their values through education and guidance, whether with medications, therapy, or both. She is most effective with patients that are motivated to take an active, engaged stance in their mental wellness with a goal to graduate for care when ready.

Dr. Beachkofsky is optimistic, engaging, and outcome-oriented. Her practice philosophy is driven by knowledge and insight and she knows that growth and change take hard work and dedication. She loves working with patients to help them become the best versions of themselves and to optimize their mental wellness. She is the owner of Beach Health MD and is ready for you to reach out today (as long as you are a Florida, Texas, or Indiana resident!).

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